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The deception of the emerald ring
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Libri Moderni

Willig, Lauren

The deception of the emerald ring / Lauren Willig

New York : Dutton, 2006-

If there be pain
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Libri Moderni

Mallette, Gloria

If there be pain / Gloria Mallette

New York : Kensington Publishing Corporation, 2006-

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Libri Moderni

Johansen, Iris

Stalemate / Iris Johansen

New York : Bantam Books, 2006-

Plum lovin'
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Libri Moderni

Evanovich, Janet

Plum lovin' / Janet Evanovich

New York : St. Martin Press, 2007-

Irish hearts
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Libri Moderni

Roberts, Nora

Irish hearts / Nora Roberts

New York : Silhouette Books, 2007-

Two alone
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Libri Moderni

Brown, Sandra

Two alone / Sandra Brown

Ontario : MiraBooks, copyr. 1987

Anything but ordinary
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Libri Moderni

Hobbs, Valerie

Anything but ordinary / Valerie Hobbs

New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007-

Abstract: Bernie and Winifred have been in love since they were fourteen, but when Winifred goes away to college in California and Bernie stays in New Jersey things change for the two of them, and each must try to forge an identity separate from the other.

The very best definitive ultimate greatest hits
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Disco (CD)

Faith No More <gruppo musicale>

The very best definitive ultimate greatest hits / Faith No More

Slash, 2009

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Disco (CD)

Van Halen <gruppo musicale>

1984 / Van Halen

Digitally remastered

Warner Bros. Records, 2000

Warner remasters

Back to front
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Disco (CD)

Richie, Lionel

Back to front / Lionel Richie

Motown, 1992

Brought in dead
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Libri Moderni

Higgins, Jack

Brought in dead / Jack Higgins

New York : Berkley books, 2004

Berkley Novel

Abstract: When a young woman commits suicide, Detective Sergeant Nick Miller follows a hazardous trail to find the powerful man responsible for the girl's fate, only to watch him walk out of court a free man. But the dead girl's father swears to exact justice--with or without the law on his side.

2: The two towers
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Tolkien, J. R. R.

2: The two towers : being the second part of the Lord of the Rings / J. R. R. Tolkien

Boston ; New York : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2004

Abstract: In the second volume of the trilogy, the fellowship has been forced to split up in order to destroy the ring and fight the first battle of the War of the ring.

Madlenka’s dog
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Libri Moderni

Sis, Peter

Madlenka’s dog / Peter Sis

New York : Frances Foster books, 2002

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Libri Moderni

Hyeon Lee, Ji

Pool / by JiHyeon Lee

San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 2015

Abstract: What happens when two shy children meet at a very crowded pool? Dive in to find out!

A song of ice and fire
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Martin, George R. R. <1948- >

A song of ice and fire / George R. R. Martin

New York : Bantam books, 2011

The Doors
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Disco (CD)

The Doors <gruppo musicale>

The Doors

Elektra ; Rhino, copyr. 2007

Greatest hits
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Disco (CD)

The Offspring

Greatest hits / The Offspring

Sony Music : Columbia, 2005

The Unity Sessions
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Disco (CD)

Metheny, Pat

The Unity Sessions / Pat Metheny

New York : Warner Music Group, 2016

Blood on the tracks
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Disco (CD)

Dylan, Bob

Blood on the tracks / Bob Dylan

[New York] : Columbia, ©2003

Chapter and Verse
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Disco (CD)

Springsteen, Bruce

Chapter and Verse / Bruce Springsteen

New York : Columbia Records, 2016

Abstract: This companion piece to the legendary American musician's autobiography, 'Born to Run', debuted at #2 in the UK Albums Chart and includes eighteen songs handpicked by Springsteen. Five of the tracks have never previously been released. (